Fernando Torres

Job Title:  Director Of Technology

Experience:  17 Years 

Education: Masters Certificate Of Information Technology Project Management


17 years experience with developing digital strategies and streamlining business processes within B2B, B2C, and Medical Device organizations. Skilled at developing and executing project strategy that combines best practices with overall business intelligence to deliver measurable results that positively impacts the organization’s bottom line. Ability to communicate effectively with executive leadership, technical audiences, global sales teams, and a variety of customer audiences.


Works directly with company CEO and leads the development and implementation of the brand and digital marketing strategy

– Oversees the implementation of the marketing strategy – including all email marketing campaigns, digital marketing activities, advertising campaigns, lead generation, events, sponsorships, and PR campaigns

– Works closely with the company’s sales team; enables them to meet their objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations

– Provides exceptional leadership and guides the day to day activities of a 25+ person marketing team

– Manages social media presence and directs programs to improve social media reputation and recognition

– Develops and delivers creative digital marketing and PR communications strategies for the brand

– Undertakes continuous analysis of competitive environment and consumer trends

Business Development
Product Delivery Manager
Digital Marketing
Engagement & Improvement


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